Getting Started with Angular Material

This tutorial will provide an overview of how to get started with Angular Material, a UI component library that implements Material Design in Angular. We will cover how to set up an Angular application to use Angular Material and create content to demonstrate the material components, as seen below. The full code from this tutorial is on my GitH...

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Keeping up in a Pandemic

It is ok not to be ok. What does it mean to keep up during a pandemic? What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to use this time to learn a new skill? Or do our best to survive, keeping ourselves and others safe? If you are having trouble doing the basics, you are not alone. Throughout this time, I have felt I should be doing more. I see p...

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Battles of an Impostor

My battle with impostor syndrome and three steps to help you fight it. Impostor syndrome is a popular subject and with good reason. You or someone close to you suffer from impostor syndrome. I experience impostor syndrome regularly and have battled against it all my life. My first conference talk was on the subject, and now my first blog post....

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